Years ago, the Vietnamese Government launched its Vietnam e-visa program to facilitate foreign citizens’s entry into Vietnam to open up the prospect of developing and promoting domestic and foreign tourism. However, Vietnam e-visa is currently issued to citizens of 81 countries only. This article will show you the procedures and conditions for electronic visa registration for foreigners.

What is Vietnam evisa?

E-visa stands for “electronic visa”. It is a legal license that allows foreigners to enter the border and travel within the country. Currently e-visa is the latest form of visa to Vietnam. With the advent of e-visa, applicants can submit their application form anywhere as long as they have internet access and receive a visa right on their computer to print and cross the border to Vietnam (via 33 Vietnam ports of entry).

Is Vietnam e visa legit? Yes, of course, it is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department online, and it is equivalent to the visa issued at the embassy or the visa on arrival issued at the Vietnam airport with the pre-approved letter. 

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The duration of Vietnam e visa is 1 month. For example, with Vietnam e visa for US citizens, the applicants can apply for e-visa for Vietnam from USA or in any country outside the USA without going to the embassy. After that, the applicant can take their Vietnam e-visa to carry out the trip as normal, even if it’s a guided tour or a backpacking tour.

How to get Vietnam evisa

It’s so simple to get an e-visa to Vietnam. You only need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit the electronic visa information page ( to fill out the information about visa application, upload Passport photo and passport form.
  2. Receive the electronic visa code and pay the visa issuance fee to the account specified in the electronic visa information page.
  3. Within 3 working days from the date of receipt of sufficient information for electronic visa application and fees, the Immigration Department (Ministry of Public Security) shall consider, resolve and respond to applicants at the e-visa information page.
  4. Foreigners applying for electronic visas use the electronic file code to check the settlement results of the Immigration Department at the electronic visa information page. In case of being granted an electronic visa, use the electronic file code to print the visa.
  5. Those foreigners will bring their evisa to enter Vietnam at the port of entry stated on their evisa.

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Vietnam evisa processing time

“How long for Vietnam e-visa approval?” is the issue concerned by many travelers. Normally, after 3 working days of review, the Immigration Department will send the text file via email to you, this document is an electronic visa. 

Vietnam evisa cost

The fee for electronic visa is $25. The fee for electronic visa is paid through the electronic payment gateway prescribed by the Immigration Department. Fees for e-visa and electronic payment are not refundable in case the applicant is not granted a visa.

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Above is all the information we want to share with you about Vietnam e visa processing time and how to get the travel to Vietnam e visa. Good luck!

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