Have you ever heard the term “Vietnam visa run”? What does it mean when someone “do their visa run”? This article explains it all.

With the recent tourism development, the number of foreign tourists visiting Vietnam is increasing rapidly. Vietnam has a lot of exciting things to explore. Therefore, many tourists are engrossed in exploring this beautiful country and falling into a situation where a visa will expire in a short time. 

Vietnam visa extension is not as simple as you think. So what should you do in this situation? Read the following article to find the answer!

What is Vietnam visa run?

It Is The Best Way To Extend Your Vietnam Visa To Prolong Your Stay

The term “visa run”’ comes from foreigners living in Thailand. The visa is a quick trip in a day across the border of a neighboring country and back. This is usually done on the expiry date or before expiry date of the visa: Exit the host country and immediately return. 

On a predetermined visa term to allow visitors to extend their stay in the host country, some countries have different laws that control the ability to conduct continuous visa operations such as shortening the next visa period, or limiting the number of times in certain months that a visa trip can be made. 

Especially with the Vietnam visa border run, applicant will have to leave Vietnam when their visa is expired and re-enter the country with a new visa.

This type of visa allows foreigners to enter Vietnam through land border gates such as Cau Treo, Lao Bao (Vietnam – Laos) or Ha Tien, Moc Bai (Vietnam – Cambodia), Lao Cai, Mong Cai (Vietnam – China), etc.

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Can I extend my visa in Vietnam?

Yes, you can extend the visa in Vietnam. To extend or renew visa Vietnam means that a foreigner who has a Vietnam visa currently residing in Vietnam needs to continue staying in Vietnam to travel, visit relatives, and work. 

When the visa expires, he/she must do the procedure to extend Vietnam visa. Both Vietnam tourist visa extension and business visa extension Vietnam is acceptable. The tourist and business visa extension is valid for 1 to 3 months and can be extended once only. 

How to extend my visa in Vietnam?

“How to extend the visa in Vietnam?” is the question that many people care about. 

If applicant wants to extend the visa, it must be of a type that can be extended and visa holders who want to extend their visa must be eligible for visa extension under the law. 

Vietnam visa extension procedures include:

  • A valid passport at least 6 months
  • 2 photos (4 x 6 cm)
  • Information about guarantor (if any)
  • Entry time and some other papers 

Before Vietnam visa is about to expire, you need to prepare documents as prescribed and submit directly at one of the three working offices of the Immigration Department of the province or city where you are staying.

How much to extend Vietnam visa

The next issue you need to concern is Vietnam visa extension price. 

The price is varied, depending on the duration of the visa so please contact +84. 946.583.583 for further assistance.

We hope that the information will be helpful to you. Wish you carry out Vietnam visa renewal quickly and smoothly!