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Vietnam has one embassy (Washington D.C) and two consulates (Houston, and San Francisco) in the United States. These agencies play a very important role in the diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the United States. 

Among them, the Consulate General in Houston under the leadership of Mr. Luong Quoc Huy – Consular General of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Houston since June 2018 – is one of the leading ones.

About the consul general

The head of the Consulate General of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Houston is Mr. Luong Quoc Huy. There are 10 consular staffs under his management, including 01 Vice Consul General and 08 sections: Political, Consular, Commercial, Citizens Protection, Community work, Accountant, Science and Technology and Office Management.

Consulate’s functions

Vietnam Consulate General of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Houston is the agency which has solved a lot of issues related to consular services such as legalization, marriage registration, passport renewal and visa for Vietnam (Certificate of Visa Exemption).

The Consulate General of Vietnam has pleasure to provide you with the following services:

Visa to enter Vietnam

Visa Exemption for overseas Vietnamese

Passports for Vietnamese people

Marriage registration

Other consular services


    • Address: 5251 Westheimer, Houston, Texas 77056
    • Phone: (713) 850 – 1233 and (713) 840 – 0096
    • Fax: (713) 810 – 0159 and (713) 871 – 0312
    • Country code: +1
  • City code: 713

Consulate Directory

No. Full name Section Phone number
1 Mr. Luong Quoc Huy Consul General 713-850-1233
2 Mr. Lai Thai Binh Vice Consul General 713-850-1233
3 Mr. Le Minh Ha Political  713-877-1332 ext. 102
4 Mr. Bui Xuan Linh Political  713-850-1233 ext. 106
5 Ms. Nguyen Quynh Trang Political  713-850-1233 ext. 108
6 Mr. Luong Thanh Quang Consular 713-850-1233 ext. 103
7 Ms. Vu Thi Tu Consular 713-850-1233 ext. 105
8 Ms. Truong Thuy Linh Commercial 713-850-1233 ext. 107
9 Mr. Nguyen Thi Hai Hien Citizens Protection 713-850-1233 ext. 104
10 Mr. Pham Le Hoang Accountant 713-850-1233 ext. 107
11 Ms. Vu Thi Tu Office Management 713-877-1332 ext. 102

Working time

Vietnam Consulate General of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Houston works at 9:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m, from Monday to Friday, except for Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

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