Lao Bao visa run

A visa run means that you go out of Vietnam, get a new visa at the border in a neighboring country, and go back to Vietnam. Vietnam visa run can be done through air border or land border depending on your needs. However, land borders might be faster and cheaper since there are many border gates across the country.

Lao Bao border gate is in Huong Hoa District, Quang Tri Province, on the land border with Laos. On the Laos side, Dansavan International Border Gate is the checkpoint in Savannakhet Province. 

This was the first land border between Laos and Vietnam to open for international travelers, and also one of the most popular border gates for a visa run. This crossing is convenient for people to travel from Hue, Dong Hoi, Da Nang, and Hoi An in Vietnam. You can reach Lao Bao border gate by some transportation options such as buses, hiring a car, motorbike or visa van (a service provided by travel agencies).

How to conduct Lao Bao visa run?

Before the run

  • Acquire a visa invitation letter to Lao Bao border gate by a travel agency. Please remember, to get Vietnam visa stamp, this letter must be the original copy (a scanned copy is unacceptable)
  • Prepare 02 passport photos of 4x6cm, valid passport and visa fee in cash (US dollar, Kip, Baht)

During the run

  • When you arrive at the border area in Lao Bao in Vietnam, go to the checkpoint counter where the official will stamp out of Vietnam for you.
  • Go to the other side of the border, which is Laos territory, fill in the form application of Laos visa, provide your photo and pay the fee of $30-45. You will get your visa stamped, then go to the exit building and do a stamp out of Laos again.
  • Show your photo, passport, invitation letter to Vietnam immigration officer at the counter and pay visa stamping fee. He will check and give you entry stamp to Vietnam.

Now, you can enter Vietnam again with a new visa.

* Notes: If you are a citizen of these nations: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Brunei, Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Mongolia, Russia and South Korea, you are exempted from Laos visa. Otherwise, you still can get a visa on arrival during Lao Bao visa run process without applying in advance as the above guide.

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