Moc Bai border gate located in Tay Ninh province connects Vietnam and Cambodia with a land border. The other side in Cambodia is called Bavet border in Svay Rieng province. 

Moc Bai visa run is easy for people residing in the South of Vietnam since it is only 70 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, and all procedures can be done within half a day.

How to go to Moc Bai?

Public buses run from Ho Chi Minh to Moc Bai every day, starting from 23/9 Park (bus no 703). There is a bus departs every 30 minutes, and it costs only 40,000VND/route. Since the border gate opens at 8 a.m, you are advised to get on this 3-hour bus at 5:30 a.m.

If you want to spend some time in Cambodia before coming back to Vietnam, there is another option. Buses by travel companies are accessible around Pham Ngu Lao Street come to Phnom Penh. Buses named Kumho, Sapaco, Mekong Express, etc. can be caught all around the corner, but the fare is higher a bit, from $10-12/way.

What to prepare for a Moc bai visa run?

You need to get these documents ready before the ride to the border:

  • Vietnam visa approval letter (original copy)
  • 2 passport photos of 4×6 cm
  • Valid passport
  • Visa application form (optional, you can get it at Immigration counter later)
  • Stamping fee

What are the steps to do Moc Bai visa run?

Step 1: Vietnam exit stamp

At the Vietnam Immigration check-in counter, the official will give an exit stamp on your passport. It means your Vietnam visa becomes invalid from that time.

Step 2: Cambodia entrance and exit

There are 2 cases:

If you are exempted from the Cambodia visa, you can make your way to the Cambodia check-in counter and enter its territory directly.

If you need a Cambodia entry visa, it is not a problem. You can get a visa on arrival right on the spot with $30-35. No prior application is required.

Once going into Cambodia, you walk to the exit counter to get Cambodia exit stamp on your passport at Bavet border.

Step 3: Vietnam entrance

Make yourself present at the Vietnam check-in counter again and handover all prepared documents. Then you pay stamping fee (ranging from $25 to $50) and wait a few minutes to get your passport stamped with a new entry visa.

It’s done. The whole process will take around 20 minutes to complete with little effort. And now, you can take a bus to come back to Ho Chi Minh City and stay in Vietnam for another period of time.

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