Short answer: Yes. You can leave Vietnam earlier than the exit date granted in your e-visa for Vietnam.

Along with the visa exemption policy, e-visa issuance is becoming a popular trend globally. Implementing an electronic visa is a tool to help the process of visa issuance process quickly and conveniently. Travelers to Vietnam themselves can apply for a visa via the Internet. The payment also becomes easy and convenient.

Citizens of 81 countries entering Vietnam will be granted electronic visa visas for a period of 1 month, if they meet the conditions for issuing electronic visas. Upon expiry of the e-visa period, foreigners can apply for a new visa with different terms depending on the conditions of each period and each different purpose. 

Some questions that many people are interested in when entering Vietnam with electronic visas are:

  • Do I need to enter Vietnam on the date stated in the application form? – No. You may enter any day within the period indicated on the e-visa.
  • Can I enter Vietnam before or after the term of the e-visa? – No. You cannot enter Vietnam before or after the term on the e-visa.
  • If I have been granted an e-visa but I want to enter earlier than the term indicated on the visa, what should I do? – You need to make an application for a new e-visa to solve immigration. When a new e-visa is issued, the old e-visa is no longer valid.

In short, based on the validity period of the e-visa, you can enter any day, even if the date is not on the electronic visa application form at the Electronic Information Portal about entry and exit at the beginning. All entry activities that occur before and after this period are not allowed, customs officers at the airport and the border will not allow you to enter Vietnam.

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