Vietnam has started to pilot the issuance of online electronic visa for eligible foreigners for a maximum period of no more than 30 days. 

Electronic visa or e-visa is a legal license issued by the visa applicant from a personal email file, issued by the competent State agency of the country. Foreigners who are expected to enter the country have previously applied for a visa via the internet and paid necessary fees as prescribed.

The following article will explain how to apply for Vietnam e-visa.

Preparation before completing the online form for e-visa for Vietnam

As the Vietnam e-visa application requires upload of soft copies of your passport page and photo, so before accessing the website for application, you should well prepare those items.

In addition, the payment for e-visa fee is also done online right after completing your visa application, so remember to have your visa card next to you before starting your application.

See the requirements for Vietnam e-visa photo here.

Procedures to get e-visa for Vietnam

Foreigners applying for e-visa perform the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the electronic visa information page to fill out Vietnam e-visa application form, upload photo and passport identity page according to Form No. 01 issued together with this Decree.

Step 2: Receive your electronic visa application code and pay the visa issuance fee to the account provided at the Electronic visa information page.

Normally, within 03 working days from the date of receipt of sufficient information for electronic visa application and visa fee, the Immigration Department shall consider, resolve and respond to the electronic visa applicant at the electronic visa information page.

Step 3: Foreigners applying for electronic visas use the electronic file code to check the results of the Immigration Department at the Electronic Visa Information Page. In case of being granted an electronic visa, the electronic dossier code shall be used to print electronic visas according to Form No. 02.

After getting the print of evisa, its holder only need to bring it and show to the Vietnam immigration officer at the port of entry to enter Vietnam.

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