As we all know, to enter a foreign country, unless you are exempted from visa, you must obtain a valid visa. And if you want to stay in that country longer, you must apply for visa extension. Vietnam, too. 

There are some special cases. Citizens of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Cambodia Laos are exempted from visas for Vietnam for 30 days. Citizens of the Philippines are exempt from visas for 21 days in Vietnam and citizens of Brunei are exempted for 14 days in Vietnam. Those coming from Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Finland, Germany, France, England, Spain, Italy and Belarus are exempted from Vietnam visa for 15 days under unilateral agreement.

Citizens of other countries are required to apply for Vietnam visa. For convenience, the government has issued regulations on electronic visa issuance. Citizens of 81 countries entering Vietnam via 33 ports of entry can apply for an electronic visa through the website

Electronic visa applicants are required to register at the Vietnam Immigration Portal and get it issued there. The e-visa is priced at USD 25 and is granted for single entry (up to 30 days). In Vietnam, e-visas were issued to citizens of 40 countries. Up to now, Vietnam has piloted an electronic visa for citizens of 81 countries.

Does Vietnam e visa have multiful entry?

No, Currently, Vietnam e-visa is only valid for single entry. If you want to enter the country many times (multiple entries), you are required to apply for an electronic visa again after each time or to carry out all the procedures for Vietnam visa at the consular office, or visa on arrival at Vietnam airport as usual.

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