Nowadays, more and more foreigners are coming to Vietnam. Due to various factors, they want to stay in Vietnam longer than the term of the visa. 

In order to create convenient conditions for foreigners to continue living in the country, Vietnamese law has launched a visa extension to increase the length of stay for expats. 

So where do you extend Vietnam visa in Hanoi? What is a visa run from Hanoi? And how do you do Vietnam visa extension in Hanoi? Please refer to our article below.

Where to extend a visa in Hanoi

You can carry out the procedures for visa extension in Hanoi at:

  • Immigration Department in Hanoi: 44 – 46 Tran Phu – Ba Dinh – Hanoi; or
  • Immigration Department, Police Department of your province and city.

The Immigration Department extends visas for cases of entering Vietnam in the form of visa exemption. 

According to the provisions of Vietnam visa exemption, people with Vietnamese nationality, or people whose parents or spouses are Vietnamese have been granted visa exemption certificates. In these cases, when the visa expires, they can apply for a visa extension at the Immigration Department.

How to extend visa Vietnam Hanoi

There are currently 2 ways to extend Vietnam visa Hanoi: Doing visa run from Hanoi and extending the visa without leaving Hanoi. 

Visa run Hanoi

The cheapest visa run from Hanoi is entering Laos or Thailand and coming back. 

If you choose Thailand, you can fly from Hanoi to Bangkok, and then catch the flight back to Vietnam (after 2-3 hours). This is quite quick but a bit expensive, and please be sure to apply for a new visa before your flight. 

If you choose Laos, you can take a bus from Hanoi to Luang Prabang, make procedures for exit from Vietnam, enter the Laos border, and then return to Vietnam. This method is more effective, money-saving, but it takes a lot of time (about 27 to 30 hours for a bus).

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Visa extension without leaving Hanoi

Vietnam visa can be extended without leaving Hanoi, but not for everyone. 

This method only applies to people who are exempted from visa, and they can apply for a visa extension once. 

The best way is through a service provider with many different types of visa extensions:

  • Single visa extension in 1 month 
  • Single visa extension in 3 months
  • Multiple visa extension in 3 months
  • Single visa extension in 6 months 
  • Multiple visa extension in 6 months 
  • 1 year visa extension 

The price for visa renewal Hanoi is varied depending on the specific case.

We hope that the above information about Hanoi visa extension will be helpful for you. Good luck!