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Marriage - Hồ sơ kết hôn

Required documents for marriage with Vietnamese Nationals

(to be registered in Vietnam)

I. Standard set of documents (to be used with first-time marriage):

1. Affidavit of Single Status, to be duly notarized and certified by the Secretary of States

2. Certificate of No Marriage Record (to be issued by State Registrar Office)

3. Application for Marriage Registration

4. Pre-Marital Examination of Mental Health (to be filled in by a competent medical doctor)

5. Copy of Applicant's Passport


II. Extended set of documents (to be used in case of second-time marriage and to be enclosed with the Standard set of documents)

1. Final Divorce Decree (please do not submit the whole divorce file) ; or

2. Death Certificate

III. Those who are unable to file marriage documents themselves, please submit an additional document:

- Power of Attorney to empower another individual to file the documents on their behalves (duly notarized and certified by the Secretary of States)

Before proceed to send the papers to the Consulate General of Vietnam in Houston, Texas for examination and certification, please check if you have enclosed the followings:

- Documents (duly notarized and authenticated by the State Secretary);

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- A return prepaid envelope (Fedex is recommended)


- Examination will take 05 (five) business days, starting from the date documents arrive to the Consulate; expedite services also are available; please call for more information;

- The applicant bears all responsibilities for provided information in the forms; once submitted, the information shall become final and irreversible;

- The Consulate Fees are nonrefundable and to be paid in full at one time;

- The Consulate general bears no responsibility for the lost or damages caused due to Postal/Currier services;

- Please download all the forms to you hard drive to fill out.