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The current Constitution was adopted by the 8th National Assembly in 1992 and was supplemented and amended in 2001 at the 10th session of the 10th National Assembly. The 1992 Constitution inherits from and builds on previous Constitutions (1946, 1959, and 1980). The 1992 Constitution is the fundamental legal document of highest legal jurisdiction that institutionalizes basic viewpoints of the Communist Party of Viet Nam on economic and political reforms, socialist goals, socialist democracy and citizens' freedom rights. The
1992 Constitution consists of a preamble and 7 chapters with 147 articles clearly stipulating the country’s political regime, economic, cultural, education, and science and technology systems, fundamental rights and duties of the citizens, national assembly, state president, government, people’s councils and committees, people’s court and procuracy, national flag, national emblem, national anthem, national day, capital and constitution amendment.

The Constitution clearly indicates that the state power is in the hand of the people. The State is of the people, by the people and for the people. The State ensures and constantly promotes the people’s right to mastery in all fi elds and implements the policy of equality, unity and mutual assistance among ethnic groups. The people use the state power through the National Assembly and people’s councils. These agencies are elected by the people, representing their will and aspiration.

The Constitution endows all citizens (men or women alike) with equal rights in all political, economic, cultural and social areas as well as in family affairs, the right to freedom of belief and religion, the right to follow or not to follow any religion, the right to freedom of movement and residence within Viet Nam, the right to go abroad and return home as stipulated by laws, etc.